World’s Largest Orchestra
World’s Largest Orchestra
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Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions about the World’s Largest Orchestra. We love to talk about it because we believe in it and we know that it will have some effect. If you have any suggestions, we’re happy to listen. The success of this venture will depend on cooperation and understanding and we’ve got heaps of both! So email or call please.

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My name is Mike Fernandes. World’s Largest Orchestra is my brainchild and I can feel it growing and taking shape as we speak. As a photographer, designer, advertising and marketing specialist with more years of experience than I care to mumble about, I have never found any project that comes near to this one. It has so many things for anyone and for every organisation to take advantage of and to make a part of their own marketing strategy with our complete cooperation. For schools and TAFE’s and Uni’s and anyone with an industrious bent, we encourage the development of robotics, mechatronics and inventing. This would initially be directed at presenting music and experimenting with taking our feeds and creating interesting robots and toys and instruments to present their talents to the world. These talents and some of the designs will, I know, become a part of our drive to provide everyone with mobility and create better facilities for those with challenges. To get to this point, my son Ben and I have been through a fascinating phase of photographing, writing and creating websites and designing and producing games and products to improve balance, coordination and homeostasis. Ben is a web designer, logistics professional and photographic director and together we will go anywhere and do anything to get a great photograph. Please take a look at some of our websites just so’s you can be assured that we really can take this event to the heights that you need it to get to in order to be effective to your needs - whatever they may be - personal or business or both. Here are some of our projects and we do have many more