World’s Largest Orchestra
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World’s Largest Orchestra Welcome
There’s something for everyone - Individuals, small business, big business, not for profits, musicians, school students, inventors, people with disabilities, social enterprise, dancers, performers, charities, P & F’s, social workers, uni students, pyro-technicians, mechatronics, techos, laser specialists, artists, pet lovers and fun lovers will all gain something - for their hearts, for their souls or for their bank accounts.

The event consists of a conductor, standing at the top of Sydney Harbour

Bridge (or similar iconic point) conducting (with laser batons) groups of

musicians in line of sight around the harbour, in venues around the city, in

locations around the state & country and, through the power of the internet,

in iconic locations around the world


The event will be a stunning experience both visually and musically as we can add just about any high impact sensory experiences that our budget will allow such as drones with lights flashing in synch with the orchestra.

This will be the most unselfish event

Why? Because any individual or organisation who touches this

project will gain something from it - for your heart, for your soul

or for your bank account.

How is this considered ONE orchestra? Because all musicians play in unison guided by the conductor’s laser batons and as such are all part of one orchestra. Lasers linked through an internet connection will be used in locations around the world wherever it’s dark or video streamed for indoor performances or, by discussion, phased  to coincide with timezones. If you can’t attend, just play, drum, sing, dance or perform in your own space - and if you can, upload it to social media as proof that you are part of the great event. In schools, community centres, retirement homes - in fact, any place that can gather one or more participants, video of the conductor and proceedings will be streamed so we don’t miss a beat!

Music lovers around the world all playing in UNISON on social media

inclusive of all ages, abilities, races, religions and persuasions in the World’s Largest Orchestra

Here’s how it goes - 

The day first breaks at Samoa & Christmas Island - Midnight 

We synchronise our time with Samoa to start the party

(for example Rio 8am, Rome 11am, Sydney 9pm, New York 5am, Mumbai 3.30pm etc.)

At exactly those times, we are logged on to social media with cameras, phones, selfies & pads pointed at us

Our conductor with laser batons on a high point like the Sydney Opera House will conduct a selected piece of music,

recorded and broadcast to the world via the internet and we all play together conducted by the one maestro.

Viola! We’re part of the World’s Largest Orchestra - the party’s on and it’s all about friendship & it’s FREE!

The video above shows our conductor with sensors attached to his hands controlling remote lasers which are batons to conduct the Orchestra.

One single conductor with laser batons conducting music lovers

and fun lovers around the city, the state and the world -

In Unison!

Is this really possible and does it include dance, theatre and song? -Yes!

This is the world’s largest, most inclusive orchestra combined with lights, fun and action

to make it



This first event will be produced on a shoestring, however, we are seeking sponsors and/or partners

to help us give it another dimension - Exposure will be BIG - Goodwill will be HUGE!

Contact us to get on board

Intro Event -

World’s Biggest Party

on a shoestring budget 

Introducing the 

World’s Biggest Party!

An event based on the concept of the

World’s Largest Orchestra

This is a feasibility study and a business outline for

an event to replace ageing fireworks displays

around the globe.